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What should I expect while working with Adventure Films ltd.?
If you're like us you treat people how you want to be treated. Ever hear of someone waiting 3 weeks for final edits? Yuck.

Working with us you get communication, transparency, timeliness, professionalism, and valuable final products we hope are kept forever. Our secondary goals are to make you laugh so hard you cry, show off your latest epic project or event, and have fun doing all of the above.
What's a project quote or contract terms?
They're one in the same really and will be specifically bullet pointed on a one-sided document that both parties agree to in writing (i.e., email, pen, text) prior to booking.

These are terms spelled out prior to our teams working together to ensure smooth operation, which elicit a better final product, and ease on both ends.

Example terms include the duration of the project, the final product, and location(s).
Our project is outside of a 30 mile radius from your location, can you still help?
Travel, did you say? You bet! We love to travel. It's our jam! Typically, there is no travel fee within a 30 mile radius of our location in Ostrander, Ohio. However, there is an associated fee beyond that, which will be detailed in your project quote. No travel is too far and the more passport stamps we have, the better. We very happily serve clients of Marysville, Delaware, Powell, Dublin, Lewis Center, Westerville, Hilliard, Columbus, etc...
How do we pay?
After both parties agree on contract terms there is a 50% non-refundable deposit due to ensure project date(s) are put on everyone's calendar. The other 50% is due with the release of all unmarked final products to the client.

Inclement weather? No worries - we'll find a better time that suits your convenience.

Forms of payment include Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or Check.
What should I bring to our shoot or project?
The short: bring whatever you want! This is your time, we're here for you, get what you want. Unfortunately, we don't know you as well as we'd like to and while we can make suggestions - bring things that represent you, your family, personalities, or your project/brand.

Outfit changes? Great! We'll time you. As long as we keep within agreed upon contract terms we don't care what goes on (legally, that is). We once changed 18 times in an hour during boot camp with the U.S. Army. Think you can beat our record?
What types of products do you offer?
Depending on your project, the contract terms will clearly state which deliverables you will receive.

For portraits, typically you will receive 20-40 professionally edited photos in an online gallery form or USB and ALL of the other photos. Final payment removes watermarks from all photos.

If you've booked a project or event showcase or aerial media, again, the contract will clearly state what the client is receiving but will typically include a combination of a 1 min. - 5 min. video and photographs.
Do you sell prints?
We DO NOT sell your prints back to you nor receive commission through an online vendor. They're yours! Print them large and hang them high! We offer guidance about where to have photos professionally printed and framed.

If you see an image/video on our website that you want to have in your home we can give you a quote to have it professionally printed, framed, and shipped to your house.

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